Guest Speakers

Startup Your Startup is all about receiving guidance from industry experts.  A careful list of speakers have been lined up to offer their knowledge in focused sessions with participants.

Below are people who have presented in a past session of Startup Your Startup:

Lynn Le – Associate, Portland Seed Fund
John Friess – Founder Journey Gym, co-founder
Steve Davis – Partner, Davis Write Tremaine
Mike Pacchione – Founder, Duarte Design
Thubten Comerford – Founder, We Post Media, co-founder Startup Weekly
Peter Rachor – University of Portland
Paul Wagner – Founder, ForkFly
Andrew Voss – Founder, Stat Yourself
Robert Scott – Partner, Immix Law Group
David Uslan – Partner, Perkins
Mindee Doney – Partner, Juicebox Consulting, Creator Boogie Wipes
Carolynn Duncan – Founder TenX
Pam Abrahamsson – Stephenson Group
Mark Paul – Founder, Synergy Consulting

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Recent Graduates
"An intense dose of startup wisdom, peer sharing, helping, and business building! Highly recommended!"
"You can't place a dollar value from working closely for 2 weeks with other startup founders in a similar phase of their business, sharing ideas and solving each other's problems."
"Take a moment, close your eyes and try to picture this: a high-octane alcohol-fueled turbocharged jet-pack for your startup. Not sure what that would look like? Well I can help, it would look like Startup Your Startup; check it out, strap it on and go baby!"
"Accomplished more tasks to round out my business in ten days than I thought possible."