About Startup Your Startup

Startup your Startup is a 10 day accelerator and incubator experience for your startup. With over 30 intensive highly focused hands-on work sessions, your startup will never be the same! We focus on helping you get stuff done.This program is not just a dry, informational business class – it is a output and outcome based carefully designed to boost for your business.
SYS Class One
Through peer mentoring with like-minded startup founders, advisor mentoring from experienced startup founders and mentors, you will build an invaluable network for peers and supporters. The wealth of information you will share together is priceless. We will have unforgettable speakers with real-life knowledge of real world startups ups and downs.

This experience is located at NedSpace, in the heart of downtown Portland. NedSpace is a collaborative workspace that caters to fostering and growing startups. You will be surrounded by other startups focused on getting stuff done!

The Startup Your Startup experience has helped over 23 companies get out of the basement, get out of coffeeshops, and get out of boring jobs and into a fast paced, highly productive startup work environment. The majority of participants have said their startup has grown faster in these two weeks then they did the entire previous six months!

It’s about doing, making, building, growing customers, getting revenue, and taking action — not about talking, process, “secrets”, and book learnin’ babble.

If you know anyone who could use two weeks of intense mentoring for their business,
please consider sharing this program with your fellow entrepreneurs.
Recent Graduates
"You can't place a dollar value from working closely for 2 weeks with other startup founders in a similar phase of their business, sharing ideas and solving each other's problems."
"An intense dose of startup wisdom, peer sharing, helping, and business building! Highly recommended!"
"Accomplished more tasks to round out my business in ten days than I thought possible."
"Take a moment, close your eyes and try to picture this: a high-octane alcohol-fueled turbocharged jet-pack for your startup. Not sure what that would look like? Well I can help, it would look like Startup Your Startup; check it out, strap it on and go baby!"